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Ruckus Unleased R510 2nd AP PWR - Blinking Green

New Contributor II
I am trying to add my 2nd AP (r510 unleashed) to my network.  I already have a single r510 unleashed in gateway mode.   When connecting 2nd one to my POE switch, the PWR light continues to just blink green and I never see it in the Unleashed administration interface.

I suspect, the reason is that my cable modem will only supply a single IP address:
The current network topology is
Cable Modem --> POE Switch --> R510s connected via ethernet

I'd really rather NOT add a router in between my cable modem and POE switch.  Is there a way to get a 2nd AP to join without it getting an IP from device further up the topology?  I was kind of hoping the AP would find the unleashed network via L2 and then allow the master AP handle the L3 routing.

Thanks for your help!

Hi David,

2 questions:

Is your 2nd WAP using unleashed firmware? should start with 2xx

What is the IP of your existing WAP?


New Contributor II
Yes both are unleashed. Hope do I check the firmware without connectivity?

Ip of the gateway is a public IP from the cable modem


Plug in into your second WAP and access its default IP ( From there you should be able to tell which firmware it is. UN and PW super/sp-admin.

If your main WAP acts as a Router, then you need to add it to the L2 for the WAN, i.e. give your second WAP another public IP in the subnet, otherwise, they won't be able to find each other. If you have it connected on the LAN side, then your second WAP would be behind NAT, which would not work.

You potentially could form a second unleashed network without having to add an actual router. Make that WAP just L2 Access Point. That will keep the NAT of the Route WAP "extended" through this WAP. It would not be perfect, but it will work.

Get a L3 Router and have it do all of the NATing for the network and have the WAPs as L2 Access Points.


New Contributor II
Thanks I'll give those ideas a try.