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Wifi Essentials Online Course

New Contributor II
I went through this course and passed the final exam but it is still showing that "You have SCORM packages that need attention". I look in course listing and it shows:
SCORM package: Basic Wi-Fi Operation
Number of attempts allowed: Unlimited
Number of attempts you have made: 0
Grading method: Highest attempt
Grade reported: None

I went through this already but when I click on the link for this course it pops up the final page that says "this is the end of module 1" and has a red "not correct" button. I click on the page and the button goes away and then I click "exit activity" and it still shows up as 0 attempts and no grade reported.

There was a SCORM error with the student's exam. He provided evidence of passing the exam, a screenshot of the results page, and so we manually entered the exam grade.

New Contributor
is it free now to take wise 9.3 exam ?

Community Manager
Community Manager
The WiSE 9.3 Cert is temporarily "no charge." We are implementing an eCommerce engine in the next few weeks to handle payment processing.

New Contributor
Please where can I get the training materials for the WiSE certification online?

Hi Ngebi,

The supporting courses are listed under "Supporting Courses" on the exam page: