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Information about WiSE level 1 exam needed

New Contributor II

I am currently watching your online videos to prepare for the exam.
Is there a difference between the $150 online test and the $250 pearson view exams?

If I pay for the online test, do I have to take it immediately or can I take it at a later time.

I saw in a previous post here that you can make unlimited attempts within 90 days. Do you have to pay $150 for each attempt?

thank you,

New Contributor III
The WiSE Level 1 ($150, Online) and WiSE Level 2 ($250, Pearson VUE only) are separate exams. WiSE Level 1 covers ZoneDirector 9.6 and Wi-Fi Essentials. WiSE Level 2 covers these and also Basic Site Survey.

With WiSE Level 1 Online, you pay once and have unlimited attempts within a 90 day period. Once you purchase the exam and enroll you can take the exam any time within the 90 days.

New Contributor II
Awesome. Thanks!

New Contributor II

I signed up for the test, but it sent my receipt to an address instead of my actual email address. Is there a way to get that forwarded to me?

thank you,

New Contributor
Another quick question regarding this topic. Will you have the test available to take multiple times even if you pass on the first attempt? The reason I'm asking is I would like to see more versions of the test and challenge my knowledge for the Level2 exam since that's more restrictive and I'll only have one attempt to pass it.

Like any certification, it's always nice to have a practice exam in addition to the training videos just to see how the test questions are structured.