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iPerf Supported on Unleashed Products?

New Contributor II
Hey All -

I'm trying to do some comparisons between R500 and R600 unleashed devices and another product.  I'm being informed the best way to do this is via iPerf - from what i can tell, the Ruckus CLI environment doesn't support iPerf - is that correct?


Esteemed Contributor II
iPerf is not incorporated into Unleashed, nor is CLI meant to be used with Unleashed.
Feel free to make a feature request suggestion to your local VAR or Ruckus SE.

New Contributor II
I have to use the CLI in Unleashed.  If I want to use Sonos product connected via WiFi, then I must disable directed DHCP and directed multicast via the CLI in order for music to play in a group config.  I wish these features could be added in a ZD and unleashed as they cause issue with Lutron and Sonos.

Contributor III
You can still do an iPerf test using unleashed. You just need to install an iPerf server on the network that is accessible from the wireless client WLAN.

Just note that if you are looking to asses throughput with iPerf, to make a 'fair' test then you must ensure that as many variables are the same during the test. Things like power settings, channel settings, client types etc.