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SmartZone 100: wireless clients connected but not showing up in the controller

I go to my Access Points, I find an AP with clients but when I try to find the clients connected to that AP, none show up.

We recently had one of our two controllers die so we had to configure and install a 3rd controller so maybe a setting got changed?


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I have the same problem with clients. : (

Valued Contributor
In fisrt , In SZ, client's status update inverval is 3 min.

You wait update for inverval to first associaton client.

In Second, in dashboard screen, if System Uptme is minus(-), you must check system ntp setting.

If SZ was gone from future(ex. 11:00) to past time(ex. 9:00), SZ does not update AP or Client status till time will reach future time(ex. above 11:00).

If so, you must wait until future time(ex  above 11:00) or factory-reset and re-install.


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hi, I have 46 ruckus R650 connected to my SZ100 controller, the problem is that' there is no wireless client are visible now. earlier it was working perfectly fine but from last two days, it is showing 0 wireless clients. 


It could be an glitch in the database which can be fixed performing an ES reindex. Can you please open a TAC case so an TSE can assist you on same.

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