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Guest portal login redirecting to IP of master AP

New Contributor II

Using Unleashed R500's with system version

When a guest connects to the guest network the logon page has a URL containing the master AP's IP address. This causes an SSL certificate error because the certificate name and URL are mismatched.

Is it possible to get the logon page to redirect to a FQDN?

I don't want to shell out for a public certificate if I don't know this is possible.



Esteemed Contributor II
I don't believe this is possible Mark, and that you might have to register an FQDN with your Unleashed Mgt IP.
But it would be worth a short change management period to do an upgrade to your Unleashed network, to the
current  This is what you will get if you use the Online upgrade option, else code is also on

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Thanks Michael, I'll try out the new firmware.

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I've updated the firmware to

The guest_login is still redirected to the master AP IP - same as shown in the on-line help

If I install an SSL certificate it will still give an SSL error as the certificate name and website address will be different. Is there any chance we will be able to configure the redirection URL to a FQDN in a future update?


New Contributor
Same problem here and our corporate documentation to users stays the same but the master changes upon update and then they can't access the portal with the /guestpass as the front loaded IP redirect them and changes it to /admin