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Adding Non Ruckus APs to ZoneDirector

Can an Xclaim Xo-1 (or any non Ruckus) AP be added to Zone Director?We have been given an XClaim Xo-1 but have been told by our offsite IT Support that it will not work with our existing Ruckus Zone Directors Network Is this true or can we make it wo...

vSZ - Provision AP against a DNS record

Is there any way to use a DNS entry instead of an IP when provisioning the AP against the controller?Currently this is the way : set scg ip there anything, or will there be a feature that will allow me to runset scg url vsz.domain.c...

Smart License system is not smart.

I have experienced problem of smart license system many times.After move to arris, the system is more unstable.He isn't smart.Do Ruckus have a plan to improve the system?


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