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If I'm using vSZ, do I need to add each AP as a RADIUS client in my RADIUS server?

New Contributor
I'm using Ruckus vSZ with many APs (98). I have a RADIUS server stood up and authenticating users on the network. Currently, I'm getting authentications, so it's working at some level, but I'm also getting error ID 13: A RADIUS message was received from the invalid RADIUS client IP address x.x.x.x for every AP that actually has users authenticated on it.

Do I need to add all these APs as RADIUS clients? Or is there a setting I'm missing on the vSZ?

New Contributor III
Try using the vSZ Proxy so it is setup as the RADIUS client and all RADIUS requests go through it. Services & Profiles>Authentication>Proxy (SZ Authenticator)
Image_ images_messages_5f91c435135b77e2479bb2f5_0ac441c68630f763e1ecf5543d5138f2_RackMultipart20180221913259yvz-ae3be8d5-cb47-4979-bc02-f377405b2e02-640294745.PNG1519236567

And to get to your Proxy configuration, make sure to check the below box:
Image_ images_messages_5f91c466135b77e247a6218d_924fd827cc69e142ac182518a9fc5198_RackMultipart2018022272293sbjy-614b344e-d7c1-42bb-a92e-fbe54c368da2-1392752134.png1519325937

I'm actually already using the vSZ as a proxy.