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Can I have 2 vSZ-H 5.2.x Cluster nodes on separate cloud platforms for redundancy and geographic failover?

New Contributor III
I MSP for a number of schools and clients in various states and I own 2 instances of vSZ-H that I want to cluster together but have one on AWS and the other on Google Cloud.

I have the vSZ-H node in Google Cloud running as my master with all APs and switches connected there and want to add a cluster node running in AWS for failover and platform redundancy.

I can bring up the second vSZ-H on AWS but when I try to connect it as a follower node, I get an NTP error in the setup wizard.

The error is "Cannot reach cluster IP [X.X.X.X] with NTP service!" With X.X.X.X being the internal (private) IP of the running leader which is entered in the Join Exist vSZ Cluster IP field which is what technical support said should be entered. The Control NAT IP is the public IP of the Leader node.

If I factory reset it, I can bring it up standalone just fine with no errors. In fact, in a previous life this was a vSZ-E standalone that worked fine other than the -E limitations.

Has anyone done this with separate datacenters or cloud providers? This does not seem too unusual a scenario, right?

Currently, the firewall rules for both the GCC and AWS instances are pretty wide open, so it does not seem like that should be an issue?

case # 01077014