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vsz-connected APs are not broadcasting SSID

New Contributor III
Hi all,

Recently we've implemented a public WiFi network which utilizes smart-meshing for a total of 4 out of 8 APs. Today we drove back to the site after all the installation work has been done last week. We noticed that a few APs don't seem to be broadcasting. This is also visible in the in the vSZ, although, not that clearly.

Below is the partial meshing setup for the network. AP17 is meshed with AP13 and is working absolutely fine, but AP21, AP19, AP20 and AP18 are not broadcasting.
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e5135b77e2478d2a59_43ce4f61f00aa30109e7c5d9f0c3f3b8_RackMultipart20170809998831l3u-c6277ec9-8959-4954-9733-df3f37206442-307976676.png1502291053

In the below screenshot the Total Traffic shows N/A. This already indicates to me the AP is not broadcasting. Also there is no channel on 2.4GHz and when checking the general AP details, the WLAN list is empty on the aforementioned APs.
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e5135b77e2478d2a59_55cb81d90776d40596802bbe0f2e0cf1_RackMultipart20170809271621g9y-f0925f01-cb85-490e-b9ff-45c951561153-428145229.png1502291156

What I've tried:
- made sure that all APs are in the same zone & AP Group (it's all in the default zone)
- Tested with an extra 'clean' AP in the office.
- rebooted the AP's that have problems

I have no other ideas at this point, because the configuration is rocksolid. Any idea what is causing this issue?

New Contributor III
An update on this. I've found the issue. Some of the AP's had their radio (in the individual AP config) disabled. How this happened is beyond me, since the the zone and domain is a fresh config and so are all the AP's that were added to this zone (and same AP group).

Esteemed Contributor II
Thanks Axel.

Ran into a similar issue with an AP I was using to test.  Unless it was in the default group its radio's would be off and I'd have to manually turn them on.  Going to test another one and see if the same thing happens.  Wonder if Ruckus knows the root cause.