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vsz - captive portal with webauth + guest access

Trying to test out captive portal with webauth (AD).  I do not see this option:
  1. Choose WLAN Usage > Authentication Type > Web Authentication.
  2. Go to Authentication Options > Methods, choose 802.1x EAP and proceed.
When I choose "Web Authentication" under Methods everything other than "Open" is not available.  Next under "Authentication and Accounting" section I set the "Web Authentication Portal".  But I'm not getting anything on my phone after I connect to the SSID.

Second question I have is, this portal can not be customized so that I can give options to users with no AD credentials to simply click "guest" and get moved over to the guest SSID.  That will require Cloudpath?


Esteemed Contributor II
When using Web Authentication, yes the encryption method will be Open. 
Once you have connected to this SSID, you need to open a Web Browser.
Then you will see the WebAuth login page.  Does this work?

Thanks yeah I got that part working, looks like the online link with the above mentioned steps is old.  I just set it to Open and then updated the settings under Authentication and Accounting section.  Got the webpage.