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vSZ with Firefox nearly unuseable

Wondering if anyone else is seeing that the vSZ ( in our case) is completely unusable via FireFox (50.1.0 in my case) on Windows? Just about everything I click on takes many seconds and causes "Not responding" on the browser until it comes back and you click on something else and it happens again. Same vSZ on Chrome has no such issues. Just curious if Ruckus is aware of the issue on FF and does not recommend that browser.

Valued Contributor
Hi Jim
We are not aware of any issue with Firefox.
Almost 70% of our developers use Firefox.

I suggest you to check on another PC, and if you still have the issue, open a case via


New Contributor II
No repro here - Firefox 50.1.0 and Chrome 55.0.2883.87 on Windows Server 2012 R2 are both similarly and adequately responsive with a vSZ instance hosted on the same LAN.

Thanks for the confirm, guys. I'll check out my FF instance and see if a plugin is causing the problems with our vSZ

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Complitely agree with Martin and Stephen - check your PC, and not only browser.
It is very common than enterprise customers complain about slow response of vSZ GUI, even so servers running VM are usually very fast.
It looks that UI uses client PC heavily, so responsiveness is mainly dependent on administrator PC performance, not on server. If you have a slow PC, are low in memory or just have 30 another browser windows opened, it may become really slow.
Not getting response, you click on the same menu again, and get "no response" error. It is frustrating, I agree, but usually can be easy fixed.
I have seen it many times in enterprise environment, where every PC is bloated with different corporate applications (from antivirus to background compliance checkers, messangers and updaters), which slow down PC quit a bit.
So when UI is slow -- look on your PC resource utilization statistics, and you'll probably see reasons. Some housekeeping may greatly improve performance --  close some applications to have more free RAM, delete temporary files in Temp directory, so on. If doesn't help - remove plugins and reset Firefox and use 64-bit version, not 32-bit.
If  you are still short of resources, use different PC or add RAM and replace system drive by SSD. Cheap upgrade (< 100 Eur) --  120 GB SSD as a system drive + 8GB additional RAM usually makes wanders. Nowadays  SSDs are so cheap, that using standard HDD as  a system disk has no excuses - it means that you just intentionally waste your precious time...
For me an my colleagues vSZ works well with both Chrome and Waterfox, without any issues and reasonably fast, and it worked well through all  vSZ/ vSCG versions from 3.0.3,  with different browser versions during this period,  even when I am connected over Internet to remote vSZ.
Hope it helps.