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vSZ not getting hostname for one device

I recently converted from ZD to vSZ and I have one weird problem... one client (a Zebra label printer) does not show an OS type or Host Name. The OS type is understandable that Ruckus might not have a fingerprint for those devices, but I cannot figure out why it can't get the hostname. The device has a DNS A record pointing at its IP, and doing a reverse DNS on the IP gives the correct Host Name (via a ping) yet the vSZ is having trouble ONLY with this one type of device... does the fingerprint need to work in order to also display the host name? That's the only thing I can think of...
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Jim, That is awesome. I'm going to read the article. I'm sure your atmosphere is different but I'd like to see some differences in a real time. You can reach me at

Yeah, we're tiny compared to your 180APs! I'm only at 30-ish across four sites/locations... that's what pushed me to go vSZ when our 1100 EOL'd instead of going with a 3000 or similar. The vSZ architecture is *much* better suited to being a "cloud" controller with APs far away from it, which would be a nightmare for ZD.