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vSZ not getting hostname for one device

I recently converted from ZD to vSZ and I have one weird problem... one client (a Zebra label printer) does not show an OS type or Host Name. The OS type is understandable that Ruckus might not have a fingerprint for those devices, but I cannot figure out why it can't get the hostname. The device has a DNS A record pointing at its IP, and doing a reverse DNS on the IP gives the correct Host Name (via a ping) yet the vSZ is having trouble ONLY with this one type of device... does the fingerprint need to work in order to also display the host name? That's the only thing I can think of...
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Are you sure your vSZ instance is actually hitting your DNS server to resolve hostnames? Could somebody have fat-fingered the DNS server address while setting it up, which would mean that the only hostnames it can show you are the ones the devices themselves supply during DHCP negotiation?

Yep, controller has correct DNS servers and all other clients are able to be looked-up. It's a mystery, but something specific to this printer.

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How do you like the VSZ? I currently have a redundant ZD3000 and 180 R710 deployed.

I'm really liking it. Took a bit to get used to the new UI (it's similar, but different enough to break habits of certain panels being in certain places)... it's crazy fast (at least compared to my lowly ZD1100 I migrated from) but most importantly it's a completely different architecture vs. ZD that puts more smarts in the APs instead of the controller. This article really helped me understand the major differences and why Smart Zone is a superior way to do wifi vs. the old ZD architecture.