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vSZ and max clients per AP and Guestpass authentication


I'm evaluating the vSZ controller to replace our existing ZD3000 as projected growth will push us over the capabilities of the ZD3000.

I have two settings/options that dont' appear to be available in the vSZ that we currently use in the ZD3000 and I'm wondering how to work around these or if they are just hidden somewhere.

The first is we have a number of sites where we change the Max clients per AP default from 100 to 200. I can't see anywhere to do this on the vSZ. Is it possible? I'm guessing it'd have to be done from the CLI but just want confirmation.

The second is how to connect the vSZ to AD for authenticating Guestpass admins so they can generate guestpasses.

In the ZD this can be done directly and only allow people in a specific group. On the vSZ the AD integration doesn't appear to work for Guestpass Admin logins (or admin logins in general). It appears you have to use Radius but I can't find any documentation about how to detect the controller is authenticating for a Guestpass admin and how I would limit that request only to a specific AD group. I have the same question for normal admin logins too since the groups would be different but that can be worked around by manually adding local accounts. That's not viable for us with GuestPass admins.