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vSZ WLAN w/hotspot external Login URL

New Contributor

We have an AP Zone configured to use Hotspot (WISPr) authentication via an external Login URL (portal). However, some un-authenticated clients are seeing browser certificate warnings for a certificate with It appears this is because the vSZ is intercepting/redirecting the TCP 443 TLS/SSL traffic.

Is there a way to disable this functionality? Or, is there a way to improve upon the functionality by using a different certificate or some other optional changes?



Esteemed Contributor II
As Ruckus/Brocade is not an officially registered CA, you get an SSL warning when browser redirects thru controller web auth,
unless you install an official CA third party certificate on the controller(s).

New Contributor
Right, I understand how the chain of trust works. How do I disable the HTTPS intercept/redirect on that AP Zone?