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vSZ-H, how to set the transmission speed for 2,4?

New Contributor III
Hi everyone!
We build a wireless network for entertainment park. They use wireless Intercard debit card readers.

setting the wireless network manual for these reader says that 
**Be sure to also set the Transmission Speed of 2,4 GHz  Radio interface to 2Mbps**

How can this be done via vSZ-H ? Or could it be done at all? 

Thank you all in advance.

Esteemed Contributor II
I think they mean wireless Management frames (probes, beacons, and responses),
and not to reduce these, like with an OFDM-only statement which sets Mgt-frames to 6mbps.

By default Ruckus responds to 1mb probe/beacon requests with 2mbps replies.

It is the manual for setting up a standalone Cisco AP.
And "be sure to set the transmittion speed" meaning is clear.
So, is there any mechanism to fix the tx speed?

I believe Cisco's terminology is Basic (minimum) supported data rate.  1, 2, 5.5, and 11mbps are the 802.11b standard for CCK modlulation.

These correspond to Ruckus 'bss-minrate' and 'mgmt-tx-rate', although they are not mutually exclusive.
Ruckus Default bss-minrate settings will reply to 2mbps client packets, with 2mbps responses.

You should not need to make any changes or adjustments.

Michael, it is not the Cisco manual, it's Intercard manual. 
Let me ask again:
is there any way to set up an AP to work in 802.11b only with maximum transmittion rate of 2 Mbps?