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vSZ AP Groups - allow us to set the BSS min rate PER AP Group

New Contributor II
Sometimes in larger deployments, I have AP Groups such as "High Density", "Outdoor", "Hall", "Low Density".
I would love to be able to set the BSS min rate  per AP Group.
Currently, this can only be set per WLAN Config and that operates across all the AP Groups.

I'm not terribly interested in "smart BSS rate settings" because I know that physical layout of the Hall and my High Density AP group, the APs are close together and I would like to set a BSS or 18 Mbps or even 24 Mbps.

This has lots of benefits;
  • shrinks the effective cell size
  • provides greater bandwidth because BSS frames and every client must be at the minimum high rate I set
  • stops clients hanging on as they move away from AP
  • stops further away clients form associating at all, if you cant decode the higher speed BSS then you can't associate


New Contributor III
You can use WLAN groups to have the WLANs appear only on specific AP's. That would solve it.

That's how we get around it as well for one off requests.

WLAN Groups doesn't allow you to set the min BSS, that's only available per actual WLAN.
Now you can make multiple WLANs, each with the same SSID and change the min BSS per WLAN and then put them into WLAN Groups as you suggest.
WLAN1 - SSID = "My Wireless" with a min BSS of 6
WLAN2 - SSID = "My Wireless" with a min BSS of 24
WLAN Group1 = "Long Range", members "WLAN1"
WLAN Group2 = "Hall", members "WLAN2"

WLAN groups create a new set of problems.

1. Multiple WLANs with the same SSID name are treated as unique and different WLANs (even thought they may have the same SSID) for the purposes of reporting and RADIUS Accounting.
Now that REALLY makes a mess of one of our customers environment where we have 180 AP's and are using CloudPath to onboard and then RADIUS Accounting to authenticate each session for a Fortigate firewall.
What happens with WLAN groups is roaming is an unmitigated disaster with start and stop packets flooding and worse of all the RADIUS stop packets frequently arriving after the last start and the user getting deauthenticated form the firewall!
The clever setting "don't sent RADIUS Acct" on roaming doesn't help, because, as I said, each new WLAN with different settings but the same SSID, is in fact behind the scenes a totally different WLAN

2. Overly complex - just let us set the min BBS per AP Group, then we don't need to try and come up with work arounds that are complex and introduce new unwanted behaviours

This is still an issue that Ruckus should solve.

Other wireless vendors DO allow you to easily a different min BSS rate on the same WLAN on different APs.