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vSZ 5.1.x Administrators - Active Directory

New Contributor II

I have a vSZ (v5., and am trying to configure an AAA server for SmartZone Administrators.  The manual doesn't seem to be giving me what I need - or at least, I'm not seeing the wood for the trees.  I also have a couple of questions to follow..

I've configured an AAA AD server: Administrators -> Admins & Roles -> AAA:

Name: domain.local
Type: Active Directory
Realm: domain.local
Default Role Mapping: Off
IP address:
Port: 389
Windows Domain Name: dc=domain,dc=local

Test AAA is a success, but:

1. How do I actually add AD users or groups to 'Administrators'?
2. How can I add a second Domain Controller?
3. Port 389 is essentially LDAP in plain text - if I choose port 636 (LDAPS) - it fails.  How do I secure comms to the Domain Controller?

New to the World of SmartZones, so forgive me for the basics..

Cheers, James


New Contributor II

Somebody possibly just wrote it longer but expanded it wrong. That was a big source of confusion for us when we tried to set it up initially so can you please forward this correction to the right place?
1.2. Search Filter has this explanation: "example: (objectClass=Person, show more...)" but what is this "show more" at the end? It isn't a link to a resource that would show more examples.

2. And the LDAPS problem: just didn't work and was confirmed not working, it is a Feature request instead.

3. Support for more characters in AD-related fields than just English. We are not an English-speaking country and we naturally use other characters too in OU and group names in AD.

New Contributor II

I just can't post normally, what's wrong? I try different ways and formatting and editing, then finally something works but there is error message "Failed to update comment, please try again."

So I add the crucial 4th point about the LDAPS as a photo of the text that I wanted to add.

Image_ images_messages_603523fc87aa871234764fd8_04d5031252a762f71fb9c4cc0c9a6064_LDAPS_problems_1-a9009251-722d-4d71-9621-80095b7faa7d-1941521484.png