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vSZ 3.5 Roles with Web Auth - Limit AD groups to an SSID

New Contributor III
On our existing 1100 Zonedirector we have multiple SSIDs. One for Staff, one for our Sixth Form students and one for Guests. 

We have it working great and trying to replicate the same settings over to the vSZ but not having much luck - i cannot find where i need to configure it.

I want to have the AD group STAFF to only use the STAFF SSID. This SSID/WLAN will get the users on to the network via a captive portal where they will use their AD credentials.

This is the same for our sixth form who are part of the SIXTH FORM group in AD and can only use the Sixth Form SSID.

I have AD authentication working is the web portal however any user can jump onto the SSID and authenticate - something i dont want to happen.

I've attached screen shots of our 1100 and where its configured however like i say, i cannot find where it's configured in the vSZ.

Can anyone help?

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3ed135b77e2478ea5c7_b697e9c43ce01820523fc619419ed470_RackMultipart2017040411257016m-cf478486-a481-409d-ad57-4ab236d3ab35-525043539.PNG1491334164

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3ed135b77e2478ea5c7_9016135e061d3f47ba04babacb868d19_RackMultipart2017040411802117o-ca4dbe09-5960-4348-bcf2-f6f6b0c7ef21-1339686026.PNG1491334185

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3ed135b77e2478ea5c7_46c1c3b73abb4b1b5034bd81bd98f8d4_RackMultipart20170404404101gn3-2637e175-1972-41a4-bc59-c8f820563258-1439403197.PNG1491334199

Valued Contributor
It may probably because the feature as ZERO-IT has been removed on ver 3.4.

You find it on SZ3.4 RN.

New Contributor III
Does ZERO-IT have something to do with AD Groups and Ruckus Roles? I thought they were different.

Why does it seem that Ruckus are removing key features from their products?

New Contributor II
any news about this???

New Contributor III
yes, after a long chat to Ruckus support, this feature was missed in vSZ but they dont know when it will be included. I've now been given a temporary 1200 controller. I updated that to v10 and had major issues with it.

Ruckus support regarding v10 on the 1200 advice is not to update to v10 on the 1200 until the Maintenance request is available.

It would seem to me the Ruckus have rushed either 3.5 and v10 (same interface) without actually testing all the features.. Sound familiar (windows 10?)

I do hope that ruckus get their a**e in gear and get the vSZ and 1200 software versions up to speed.