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sz API session issue

New Contributor



I am attempting to use the API with Zapier to do some automation on our AP's I have this document: 
I login using serviceTicket and get a sessionID, but as soon as I try another zap I get a 403 "Current session has timed out" error.. I can not find any documentation on how to keep the sessionID open for more than just the login attempt.
I see that there is also a login using "session" but it only returns the sz version and everything requires a session ID.. 
Thank you for any help.




Hi @Niacom 

So you are using below two and after using it the next API call is getting timed out for session ?

wsg/api/public/v9_0/session >> Use this API command to log on to the controller and acquire a valid logon session.

wsg/api/public/v9_0/serviceTicket >> Use this API command to log on to the controller and acquire a valid service ticket.

Best Regards


Thank you for responding, I did figure out the issue, in Zapier, when you set a webhook you have a choice, you can select "Get" method, or "Custom" method, then select "Get" later in the form, apparently Ruckus requires you to select the Get method from the top and not afterwards. so it is now working.


Thank you though..

@Niacom for every API calls we have to chose "get" "post" "put" etc as per the requirement. All logon (session ID and service tickets) are POST but nice to know that in Zapier we need get initially.

Best Regards