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smart zone platforms

New Contributor II
Dear Friends, 
i just wanted to know what are the supported platforms to install the vsz .

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Israr,

Please find the list of supported platform for the vSZ based on 5.1 release:

Image_ images_messages_5f91c451135b77e247a20a0b_d84be28dcc277d601f77803f68149d1b_RackMultipart2020011810687219m-81ac4adc-5e2f-49b0-b7bb-c1089008e1c2-1736656890.PNG1579379147
In addition to that Nutanix Hypervisor support for vSZ and vSZ-D starting 5.1.


New Contributor II
HI Ankush, 
thank  you for providing me such a wonderful information . May i know what kinds of licenses i need to have for installation and adding the switches in the smart zone. We have only switches to be add in the smart-zone not the AP. We  have almost 50 swtiches to be add and we can use the vmware for virtual machine. Can you say me the virtual machine prerequisites ,  i mean  ,cpu , ram etc for the vm.

Contributor III
Hi Israr,

Please find the same below,

Image_ images_messages_5f91c452135b77e247a21847_4ead1dff1fb1ea77111f15938d8cd78c_RackMultipart2020011936093xd7e-2b784a4c-ab55-4545-98e7-37d5d490cad0-292076651.png1579436552

Image_ images_messages_5f91c452135b77e247a21847_92979a2714130a73e4fd69682b9ef6bb_RackMultipart20200119127941p77-17fcc7cb-2fb6-4e74-8044-92aa4aa41741-115070938.png1579436573

Image_ images_messages_5f91c452135b77e247a21847_d8c7aa89969ac806de391403c3b71be1_RackMultipart2020011912199017x-fa9ae686-7818-4bae-ad0e-71ec84666996-1595841114.png1579436996

Should you require information on installation and documentation please use the below link,

You will require a switch license "CAPACITY-SWITCH-DEFAULT" (SKU:L09-0001-SGCX) and "RTU" (SKU:L09-VSCG-WW00) license to use it after trial period.

Hope it helps !!!

Abilash PR.