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smart zone 100 redundancy

New Contributor
I have 2 SmartZones and need to know how to configure redundancy (active-Standby)
I've been looking in the manual but I could not find it.
Thank you very much

Contributor II
Hello Pedro.  This is very easy.

First configure one of the units as a new cluster.  During the setup wizard, there will be an option that asks you if the unit is a New Cluster or if you are joining an existing cluster.  At this point, the first unit should be new cluster. 

Once you enter all network configuration and finish naming your cluster (write down the cluster name and cluster interface IP if doing more than one IP address or port group).

After you are done with the setup and this unit is online and running (you are able to get to the https://:8443 successfully and login) then you are ready to begin configuration of the other unit.

When you get to the spot of setting up a new cluster or join an existing one, chose join.  Enter the existing cluster information and make sure that they are connected to the same switch and they can reach each other via their respective cluster interface.

Once all info is entered, go ahead and click next, confirm a few things and then this new unit will synchronize with the existing unit and download databases and such. 

You are now ready to support 1000 APs on an Active/Active cluster, not Active/Standby as we prefer all Active nodes for much more efficiency.


Thank you very much for the help Dionis.

Have a great day.

Thanks for this is information. I use this setup also  in our vSZ-H working fine...

Hi Sir Dionis, I hope do you still remember me we attend your vSZ training last 2016 in HK with Ruckus SE Darwin Luzuriaga, I learned a lot of things from that training thank you.