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private key and certificate are not matched

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I have a problem when importing a wildcard certificate in SZ as a Server Certificate to use for Web Management. I'm on and it says that "private key and certificate are not matched". I have verified with openssl the cert and private key are matched. I also use them in other systems just fine. Here is the command I use to generate the private key, and the wildcard cert is in Base-64 encoded X.509 (PEM format)


openssl genrsa -aes256 -out private.key 2048









Hi @Teacup 

Can you once check the below steps and validate you are performing it correctly :

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I didn't really follow the steps in that article but the idea is similar. My wildcard cert is issued by Comodo, and the cert already come with base-64 encoded X.509 format, and I have my private key


There is an issue noted on with vSZ when trying to import a Wildcard certificate, the validation does pass for private key but user get the error Private key doesn't match server certificate when saving the cert. Can you confirm is it the same behavior for you ? Example below :

Cert Validation passed :


But error message pop-out after Saving certificate 


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Validation does not pass for me as well as trying to save the cert. I have verified the cert and private key with openssl. I have other system using this wildcard cert without any issues. This seems a bit weird. Thank you for your help.