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iPad default apps won't install on Smart Zone WLANs, but will on other networks

New Contributor II
I recently migrated our APs from Unleashed to Smart Zone. I copied the configuration settings from one of the APs when I set SZ up and everything looks correct. However, when I set up a new iPad that connects to the iPad only WLAN (using an L2 Access Control MAC address list), the default iPad apps do not install on the iPad and cannot be forced to do so. When I connect the same iPad to another WiFi network (such as a hotspot from my phone) the apps install without issue. This problem began about the same time as this conversion, though I didn't have reason to encounter this until a month or so after the conversion so I cannot say with absolute certainty that this is the cause. All else on the network is unchanged, however.

Has anyone encountered this and found a resolution?

New Contributor II
The iPad only WLAN  must have some  inhibition within  .
Maybe you should check the configuration of this WLAN.