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Creating new instance in vSZ-H

New Contributor III
What are the impacts in creating a new instance/node in vSZ-H?
What are the changes needed?

New Contributor III
Hi Jenny,

Creating a new instance will not have an impact on your existing setup. Please make sure that the new instance can reach the existing instance to form a cluster.

Arun N

Hi Arun,

Thanks for your response. Currently, we have a cluster setup. 
Since we are unable to change the subnet mask of the master node, the option we are thinking is to create a new instance and configure it with the new subnet mask.
What are the possible scenario that will happen if we recreate the node? (since as far as we know we cannot reset it)

Hi Jenne,

If I am correct, you are planning to bring up a new vSZ and move all the AP's to that vSZ.

Step 1 : Bring up the new vSZ with new Ip address 
Step 2 : Move the cluster configuration from old vSZ to new vSZ 
Step 3 : Run a script on existing vSZ, so that all the Ap's are aware of the new vSZ Ip address 
Step 4 : Shutdown the existing vSZ, so that ap's can join the new vSZ 

Please make sure you take a downtime for this complete process.

For assistance with License and the Script, I would request you to please open a case with Support.

Arun N

Hi Arun,

Will transferring of licenses for both node and APs be possible by creating RMA?
If i will create a new node, and allow my current standby node to be the leader now, can the new node join the clustering?