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how to migrate from old sz to new sz ?

Valued Contributor
Hi Ruckus.

Whenever we worked a migrating from old SZ to new sz ; those have different ip address each other; i didn't find efficient method migrating whole aps at one time.

Could anyone let us know about it.

We tried to it using below

1) manually cli as " set scg ip 'new ip' " at all aps.

2) ap script via diagnostics > AP scripts tab.

3) option 43
(ex. option 43 hex "new scg ip hex code")

In case of 1 and 2, almost of aps revert to old scg ip after rebooting.

And In case of 3, it doesn't work though it applied properly on ap cli.
(ex. Server List from DHCP (Opt43/Opt52):

How can do we it efficiently at one time?

When we worked this on Aruba, Cisco, they worked good at one time.



Valued Contributor
I have attached results at failure of migration.

#define AP FW version (must match the AP version in the zone)


#define Model class (only option available is 'all')


# Command (these are examples, any AP CLI command will be accepted; One command per line)

set scg ip -----------> It's new sz ip.


< execution result of ap script 

Image_ images_messages_5f91c44a135b77e247a0794f_10d451728a788a9537bdb279efa585b2_RackMultipart201903061262021qj-766fbb3f-191a-4fc6-9a68-7d5d4e394a3c-1029130919.png1551860485

< symptom : revert to old ip after applying script or cli to change ip ro new sz ip.
Image_ images_messages_5f91c44a135b77e247a0794f_760a49231d73de55ad7989ad3b568370_RackMultipart20190306109479oc0-d3347ec0-7fa8-40b3-86fe-b55d36542328-1007894688.png1551860589

I thought ruckus has to fix it for smoothly migration to new sz.

If anyone have another method, please let us lnow about it.


RUCKUS Team Member
Hello Jeronimo,

The commands - set scg ip as well as DHCP option 43 or DNS are only used for initial SZ discovery for factory defaulted AP's.

Once an AP has been controlled by an SZ the controller IP list (c-list) is stored internally in the AP and the discovery process will not work.

To make the AP "forget" the previous controller IP you need to run the following command:
set scg init

This command will clear the internal c-list, reboot the AP  and put the AP back into discovery.

You can then use the set scg ip to move the AP to a new IP or cluster.

You could simply add the set scg init into your AP CLI script.  I have tested this and the set scg ip command does get executed before the AP reboots.  But to be certain you could do two AP CLI scripts - first one to do set scg init, second set scg ip

Note - if a DHCP option 43 or DNS entry exists that moves the AP back to the old IP or cluster then the AP can be sent back to the old IP.  Best way is to remove or change these settings, but I have also been able to force the AP to the new IP by running the two commands together before the AP reboots.

I wrote a Knowledge Base Article with a few more details that I have just requested to be published publicly on our support site - it should be available in a couple of hours:

Article Number         000008826
Title         Moving SZ to a new Cluster or IP

I hope this information helps solve your problem.

Thanks for choosing Ruckus Networks

Hi albert.

Thanks so much for answer.

It's helpful information.

I have not seen any documentation on this yet.

It works properly.

But from our a test,  when aps don't reach new ip of sz due to some reason such as network issue, acl issue, joining at staging zone of vsz-H, and so on, Ap revert to old IP of sz.

Sometimes this problem can give us the inconvenience of migration.

Such as when we change only ip address in a sz, when new ip is not ready yet and so on.

We hope to improve it.


In addition, I found if someone have option 43 for new ip, they can just apply cli as  " set scg init ".

After applying the command and rebooting him, AP start to join to new ip recieved from option 43.