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gre packet capture

New Contributor

When capturing on a Ruckus SCG-200 GRE DATA tunnel. Anyone knows how to capture filter on a client mac address?


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Sorry Koen, quite complicated to get thru the encapsulation and not available to the public.

Tech Support brings in DevEng under extreme need purposes.  If this is the case, please
open a ticket with your details.

Hey Michael,

you are talking about the core L2oGRE tunnel right >> SCG data plane towards the core network (WLAN-GW) / internet? This one is encrypted and encaptulated right?

What about the LWAPP tunnel and Ruckus GRE tunnels between the access points and SCG, are those encrypted and encaptulated or just encaptulated?

Very interesting stuff 🙂

Best regards,

LWAPP is also a WPA2/AES encrypted encapsulation between APs and Controllers, and then you're adding L2oGRE tunneling.
Hard to break into that kind of packet!

In the Ruckus GRE tunnel, are the wireless data frames send as 802.11 frames from the AP to the SCG?

If no encryption is used on the Ruckus GRE tunnel then you should be able to sniff the traffic right? The frames would then just be encaptualted into an IP packet with IP SA = AP and DA = SCG access data plane ?