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disconnected due to inactivity after 58 seconds?

New Contributor II
At our school, our users are complaining about trouble staying on the wifi.  Often changing SSIDs or laptop's Wifi off / on will help get them reconnected.  Some background:  vSZ Essentials  We have 52 R600's, and a flat network topology.  We have up to 1000 users peak.  Half iPads, a quarter Macbooks, the rest Windows or Android.

In the logs I often see entries like this:
2018/03/06 13:30:19
Client connection timed out
Client [dsc] disconnected from WLAN [JMCstaff] on AP [ELC 203@D4:68:4D:22:CB:E0] due to inactivity.

2018/03/06 13:29:21
Client authorization successfully
Client [dsc] of WLAN [JMCstaff] from AP [ELC 203@D4:68:4D:22:CB:E0] was authorized.
The client connects, then gets disconnected due to inactivity 58 seconds later?

More background:
We are doing radius auth on the staff and student SSIDs to a Windows 2016 NPS

More looking at the AP log, there is a client timeout after 8 seconds?

This problem has been happening for months if not years, and had survived across updates to the vSZ, both software and hardware.  The hardware is a modern processor with plenty of RAM running on vmWare on an SSD.

Where to go next?


New Contributor II
Just watched one client get disconnected due to inactivity after 1 second!?!

New Contributor III
Wondering if you every heard anything on this, or opened up a ticket.  I am moving from a ZD to a SmartZone and am seeing lots of inactivity timeouts after only a few seconds.  Hopefully there is something that can be done.

New Contributor III
What the user idle timeout set to?

New Contributor III
Mine was originally the default of 120 seconds.  I bumped it to the max of 1000 seconds.  I'm still seeing a lot of disconnects "due to inactivity" that are 5-30 seconds after the connection is made.

Support is looking in to it, but says they haven't seen this before.  From posts like this and others, I beg to differ.

We are on 5..