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could not set up virtual smart zone on Virtual Box by importing ova file

hello everybody,

first of all, I show you what I did setup.
ISO file: vscg-
VM: Virtual Box version 5.2.28 r130011 (Qt5.6.3)
CPU: 2 cores.
Network Interface: keep only one NIC [Attached to Bridged Adapter, Name en0: Wi-Fi (AirPort)]

I start this VM, then see the error: 
Bringing up interface bond: Device eth* does not seem to be present, delaying initialization.
Bringing up interface ifcfg-eth*: Device eth* does not seem to be present, delaying initialization. 
Bringing up interface br:
Determining IP information for br..."up" is invalid lladdr. 

then the login terminar appears, I can login with admin and password, then enable to setup. I choose both of manual & dynamic, but they could not get the IP Address. I see they are related to the error on booting screen. But, I don't know any command to fix it for now on vSZ operating system. 

Could you please help me? 
Thank you so much!

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f4135b77e2478f9221_73d8a9f9521624ad99f26185943cf8a6_RackMultipart20190513928881rvy-e5e6cffa-25de-4af3-bb71-cf2dfdf25945-1497956295.png1557745857Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f4135b77e2478f9221_20aee4508c35f241daa5fd3f899df463_RackMultipart2019051336780zs1s-75785d16-dc34-4559-a249-df80e6aaccef-1283728481.png1557745869Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f4135b77e2478f9221_ec6f00b1467003ffd9affdaea9061862_RackMultipart20190513774113u1d-f2f3913b-bbf6-4b62-ab25-d25ef31f6d5a-401234554.png1557745898


Contributor III
Multiple issues. VirtualBox Is not a supported hypervisor. Also you're very short on ram. You need at least 13G of ram.

You should check the type of virtual nic you're adding

i got it. Also I read this one on Started Guide: the values for vCPU, RAM, and Disk Size are linked together and cannot be changed individually. When changing one of these parameters, all three values need to match exactly with an existing Resource Level. 

That's mean I need to follow tightly? at the first, I thought that I can reduce the RAM to 4G, and CPU to 2 cores. Because I have only 1 Access Point for testing.

Can you help me confirm that? Thank you.

i have it. Now it already installed on HyperV 🙂 

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Tien,

This could be platform limitation. Following are the supported hyper-v's for vSZ installation:

Image_ images_messages_5f91c44d135b77e247a11b6e_a1cc1eae607040c0ceeb986d27d42faf_RackMultipart2019051366763z2u1-7fdc35dc-779a-449a-88b8-f9f523e99e69-806269060.png1557747515
I would recommend you to go through getting started Guide for details: