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Wi-Fi fluctuation in Wi-Fi 6 drivers

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Hello All,

We're using Smartzone 144, and combination of R650,R710,R720 access points. We are facing Wi-Fi fluctuation in the Wi-FI especially in the Wi-FI 6  intel latest drivers like version 22.190, 22.220. Even though users sitting below the access points some times they are connecting to the farway ap. I have changed some settings in laptop like roaming aggressiveness to high and band to AC and the users are not facing issue after that.

What would be the cause.




RUCKUS Team Member

Hello @sujay

Usually when 11AX APs are powered with AF power mode then the APs lower the Radio Tx power, allowing the clients to switch APs very frequently. Run below commands from R650 AP CLI to confirm the current power consumption.

get power-mode

To set AT power mode, run below commands.

set power-mode AT





Hello @Parik_MN ,

Thanks for the response, all ours aps are connected in the POE+ switch and please find the below output:

rkscli: get power-mode
PoE Configured Mode : Auto
Power Consumption Status : 802.3at Switch/Injector
USB Status : Enabled


As we can see that it's getting the 802.11at


RUCKUS Team Member

Thanks @sujay1 for the response. I believe the SNR between adjacent APs are high which is causing the clients to switch APs. Please get below output from AP CLI output from R650, accordingly we can recommend the radio tweaking.

get scanresults wlan32

get scanresults wlan0

Also disable client load balancing from WLAN advanced settings for further improvements.