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What is the maximum number of CPUs that Virtual SmartZone can recognize as an OS?

New Contributor

I plan to use Virtual SmartZone in a way that is more demanding than it is now.
I know that I can increase the performance of Virtual SmartZone by increasing the CPU allocation on the VM, but I don't know the maximum value.


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @tomoya 

The vCPU, RAM, and Disk Size values are interconnected and must meet the minimum requirements within each resource level. When adjusting any of these parameters, all three values must be equal to or greater than the requirements of an existing resource Level. So you can allocate more CPU but the other parameters should meet the minimum numbers in the table.

Below is the minimum requirement for vSZ-H and vSZ-E for 6.1.2 release.







I understand that vCPU and RAM and Disk need to meet the minimum requirements.
What I want to know is to what extent it is possible to increase the vCPU allocation as an OS.

I would like to know whether it is possible to add an unlimited number of CPUs, ignoring physical limitations or host OS limitations, or whether there is an upper limit set due to OS limitations.

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @tomoya 

You can add the max CPU, which will improve the performance, but there is no upper limit on the vSZ.
But numbers on the table provided should be more than enough to maintain the devices and provide better performance.

thank you for teaching me.

By the way, I am currently accommodating 30,000 STAs with 2 C-Nodes and 4 D-Nodes.
Currently all WLAN settings are Open and CaptivePortal is running on L3GW.
If we run this CP function on vSZ, we believe that 30,000 STAs of https redirect and RADIUS load will be added to vSZ, and we confirmed the scalability of the CPU.

Is there any data that shows the difference in the load on vSZ's CPU when running WLAN in Open mode and in CP mode?