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What is the difference between a heartbeat lost, AP disconnected, and AP connected?

New Contributor II
What is the difference between a heartbeat lost, AP disconnected, and AP connected? I receive each of these individually on different AP's with no other alerts received.  For instance, I have one AP that about 10 times a day tells me the heartbeats are lost.  Shouldn't I also receive an "AP disconnected" message with that?  When it gets reconnected shouldn't I receive an "AP connected" message? 

On top of that I receive messages from AP's every once in a while that say, "AP disconnected" and then I'll never receive a "connected" message when I know it's back up.  Also, at my own house the power went out and I received only an "AP connected" message when the power was restored.  No "heartbeat lost" or "AP disconnected."

The alert rules are the same for EVERY AP especially as I don't see a way to individualize the alerts per zone, per user, per anything.  Does anybody have an answer to these oddities?

Thank you.

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Bjorn,

   You have the vSCG view, but these are intervals that the AP sends heartbeats and other status updates
to your vSCG, which requires X missed heartbeats to declare the AP disconnected.

    We don't know, but there may be network or other circumstances between the AP and your vSCG that
need to be investigated.  Reviewing the support info from these APs will help Tech Support answer the
questions about AP reboots or other problems.  For the best analysis and problem determination, please
open a ticket.

New Contributor II
I guess I'll open a ticket then.  Nevertheless, if I receive an AP disconnected message I should first have received a missed heartbeat message whether there are communication issues with the site and the vSCG or not.  If there is NO connectivity between the site and the vSCG then I should still receive those messages in that order.