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What does it mean on SZ 5.2?

Valued Contributor

When I associated R750 to SZ 5.2, it shows me below.

AP Image Signing: AP [RuckusAP@xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx] with firmware version [] is USI. USI to FSI upgrade is not allowed due to difference in Image formats.

What is this?


I recently heard from partner that they can't associate R750 to SZ5.2 when R750 was configured static ip addess.

When I reproduced this symptom, I found that message.

I think the message is also a bug because all are FSI.

RUCKUS Team Member
Yes it is. the AP should get upgraded with this alarm in our experience. If your R750 cannot associate, we can provide you with the AP image SZ5.2. In order to follow up, it is recommended to have a case log in our ticket system.

I have already opened a case a few minutes ago.

The case's id is 01040508.