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Virtual SmartZone R610 client disconnected

New Contributor II
My VSZ version is 3.6.All my R610 Aps under VSZ , the pad client disconnected and join repeatedly.
My WiFi phone connected to the wlan and after serveral minutes, they disconnected and never automatically connected,so nobody can call them.
I submitted the AP log and Wireshark data to Ruckus.They told me disconnected reason = 8, which means my clients disconnected initiative ,while not passive.
Emmmm,I totally can't find why
Anyone good idea?

Valued Contributor II
hi miku,
its always troublesome to troubleshoot such issue when disconnection initiator is user device itself..if i would b in your place then would follow below steps to attempt to resolve or atleast minimize the issue..

1) update the software on the wifi phone
2) try different encryption on same SSID

are you seeing this issue when device is connecting at certain % of signal strength with AP??

Signal strength is between 20db and 50db
Like this Image_ images_messages_5f91c469135b77e247a6bd91_61b525b7251a067133aba900459ffb92_RackMultipart2018030543029hzer-0603ae5e-2dd2-4bb8-86c1-bfc16877f215-2104174464.jpg1520220937

I try different encrypted method ,WPA, WPA 2, doesn't work

is the issue just with your device or all devices?