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Verified SmartZone sends syslog to external syslog server.  When an r510 is managed by vSmartZone, does the r510 SEND SYSLOG to external sys

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Verified SmartZone sends syslog to external syslog server.  

   vSmartZone send logging data to syslog server as configured.

An r510 is configured to send logging data to external syslog server, but r510 is managed by vSmartZone. 

Does the r510 send logging data to external syslog server as configured OR only to the controller ? ?  


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You can configure a syslog server under the zone settings (Open the zone configuration and you will find a "syslog"  section. There you can specify an external syslog server where the APs will send the syslog data directly without passing by the controller (the controller still receives alarms, events, etc though)

But its an additional setting.

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Thanks for quick response.

This is where I had configured that option - in the Zone config.  Pointed to external syslog ( splunk ).  were searching hostname in splunk and found the APs are actually identified by IP Address in the syslog updates.

Also noted that the format of log data is much different between the controller and the AP.

Yes. The format is completely different. I believe the AP name and/or MAC should be included in the messages. Your collector might add the IP address.