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VSZ Search By VLAN

New Contributor

We use Dynamic VLANS very frequently with our RUCKUS builds and it's rather helpful to sort by VLANs when troubleshooting client issues. I think the only way it could be better is if we could also search for devices on a specific VLAN in the clients section of the VSZ. Is this something that could happen in the future?


Contributor II

Hi Simon,

You should be able to do this today.  Perhaps if you have an older version of SZ it is not there but in the current 5.x+ you can search/sort by VLAN ID the client is connected on.

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If you don't see it there you may need to add the field by clicking the GEAR icon to the far right and adding the VLAN column by checking it.

Let me clarify. I already know you can SORT by VLAN but I would like to be able to SEARCH by typing in a VLAN number in the search field and only pull results associated with that VLAN. 

Hi Simon,

If you type something in the Search Table box, such as the VLAN #, if it is in the table below it should highlight it providing what you need.

I have only tried this typically using a MAC or IP address, or hostname, but I believe the search is for all fields.  Actuallly just tested and it does work -- although the number does need to be unique.  e.g. if using VLAN "1" and you enter the number 1 in the search you will see lots of things highlighted like numbers in the MAC or IP or even Channel.

But if you use uncommon VLAN IDs such as anything 1000+ it should not result in multiple matches.


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We don't use uncommon VLANs though so that does not fully meet what I'm asking for.