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VSZ - AWS - Multiple Interfaces

New Contributor III

has anyone successfully created a vSZ instance in AWS using multiple interfaces for the different control planes ? (Management/AP Control/Cluster) like is possible on a traditional hypervisor setup?

The Ruckus vSZ AWS documentation does not mention this and from my own testing so far, vSZ does not detect when the instance has multiple interfaces (unlike on normal hypervisor platforms)

Ruckus support seem to think there should be no limitation, which I disagree with based on my own testing and I have fed this back to them.

Ive raised this with our SE and internal discussions seem to suggest that this isnt possible in AWS however Ive not had 100% clarification on this so far and I dont think anyone (at least that Ive spoken to) knows for sure.

Thought id post on here incase anyone else in the community has managed to get this working in AWS? (specifically using multiple vNICs - single interface works fine)

This seems like quite a big drawback on Ruckus's part and absolutely should be possible if they wish to support it being ran on cloud infrastructure like AWS.


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I'm having the same doubt. Is there a confirmation from Ruckus that the AWS deployment only supports 1 interface?

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After discussing it back and forth with a few SEs and testing out various scenarios the outcome was that no it’s not supported with 3 interfaces. Not sure if there’s any official docs from Ruckus with that in though.



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Did you ever get an update on Ruckus making it possible?

RUCKUS Team Member

"CAUTION: vSZ supports one (1) network interface on public cloud. Three (3) network interfaces option is only for on-premises vSZ."


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Orlando Elias
Technical Support