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Turn off 5GHz channels on vSCG

New Contributor III
All 5GHz channels are in use on our vSCG APs. I'd like to turn UNII -ext channels off, but I dont see that option in the settings.

Contributor II
You can execute a cli script on the zone you want to exclude the channels. It is limited to that zone only and it is not persistent for now, but it will do what you want.

By no persistent I mean that it will not apply to new APs that are added to the zone since this is not a feature that is part of the vSCG, but instead it is a direct configuration on the AP CLI.


#AP CLI script Example

#define Zone's AP FW version

#define Model class, only all is supported now.

#CLI commands
set blacklist wifi0 enable
set blacklist wifi0 2 -1
set blacklist wifi0 3 -1
set blacklist wifi0 4 -1
set blacklist wifi0 5 -1
set blacklist wifi0 7 -1
set blacklist wifi0 8 -1
set blacklist wifi0 9 -1
set blacklist wifi0 10 -1

May want to check with your SE to make sure it will work or get further assistance...