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Trying to integrate external portal: portalintf not found?

New Contributor
I'm trying to call API described in Ruckus SmartCell Gateway 200 ...HotSpot WISPr Reference Guide.

When I try to send a simple curl to the endpoint described, I get 404:
curl https://{server-ip:server-port}/portalintf -X POST --data '...' -k
I believe this is the endpoint of Northbound Interface and I configured an user and a password 
in  Ruckus Wireless Virtual SmartZone web application.

I used as server-ip the ip of the SmartZone web application.

I was previously able to call that IP for Ruckus Virtual SmartZone public API.
But I feel probably is not the same.

Which endpoint should I call then?
I'm confused.
I want to achieve a sync login contacting NBI from an external webpage...