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Tried upgrading VSZ-E from 5.0 to - Can't login to Web UI.

New Contributor III
Tried upgrading from 5.0 to - Can't login to Web UI. After the 45-60 minutes of it coming back online, I was presented with the login page. Click the button to login, see one moment please on the button, then it kicks me back to the login screen. Thinking that it hadn't started all the services, I waited another half hour. Same problem.

Logged into the console via SSH and ran show service. All services that had a status showed online. Shutdown the VM via the console.

Powered on the VM and waited 6 hours. Same issue. I noticed that the browser displays it is trying to contact the googleapi site during the brief login, so I tried allowing traffic from the controller to the domain without any change.

Restored the entire VM from a backup, took a snapshot and tried the upgrade again. Same problem. Reverted to the snapshot.

I thought that it was fine to upgrade to a non 0 build. I should have known better than to attempt an upgrade 2 days after release.

New Contributor III
I should also add, if it makes any difference, this is running on VMware ESXi 6.0 with vCenter Server 6.5.

We have the same versioning.

I upgraded it the same day it was released. no issues. Vmware ESXi 6.0

New Contributor II
We have the same issue where we cannot log in to Web UI after updating to vSZ 5.1. We were running 3.6.2 and read the upgrade notes thoroughly and thought it should be okay being a .1 release.

WiFi is still up and running fine, we just can't log in to make changes or enrol our new R730s that arrived yesterday... we do have a snapshot but can see via SSH that some APs have already taken the 5.1 firmware so waiting to hear from support before we revert.

We are using vCenter 6.7 and ESXi 6.5

Ryan, when you reverted did you have any APs on 5.1?

SO we were able to resolve the issue by changing the admin password via CLI. Apparently, v5.1 has issues with special characters in the password...