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Tacacs Setup Comparison on ZD, SZ etc..

Contributor II
Hi All,

We are in the process of moving many sites into a Tacacs+ authentication setup, and would love if there is a comparison between the different Ruckus platforms.

On ZoneDirectors, it seems they support priv-lvl=n and will show the actual users name in the interface.On SmartZone it seems you need to 'masquerade' as a user on the box, like the default Admin user, which gives a misleading users display on the web interface.

Where is the good documentation about how this works, and the different ways it needs to be configured?

There is a few knowledge base articles, but not to the details and comparison that would be great to have (or my search skills needs improvement..)
Anyone have some good info?

New Contributor III
still waiting a reply on this also 🙂