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Switch firmware upload fails on 09.0.10b

New Contributor III

Anyone else having the issue uploading the 09.0.10b switch firmeware? I can upload the 09.0.10a just fine but when I attempt to upload the 09.0.10b it always fails. I have attempted to download a fresh zip file but I still have the same issue.

Any ideas?


New Contributor

What do you mean by upload? Upload to SmartZone? Load onto the switch? 

I manage my ICX switches with SmartZone and you can upload the firmware file up to the the SmartZone server and then deploy like you can to the APs.

I know it doesn't solve your issue but I was able to upload the 09.0.10b firmware successfully to vSZ. Maybe a reboot of your SmartZone will help? 

Yea, went down that road already. I will try again. I have a support case open and they say they can't reproduce the issue 😞