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Steps for changing vSZ ip address

New Contributor

Hi tech,

Here is a question about changing the vSZ IP address, we found there is a concern that after changing the IP address of vSZ, the ap would not be able to find the vSZ anymore. We found in previous case that there was a suggestion for "pointing the AP to the new IP address, There will be a new config update to the AP causing it to reboot." However, we are not able to reach the APs as they are on many different sites. May we know are there any method to point AP to new IP address by remote, and confirm that the APs are able to reach the vSZ when it change the IP address?

Or are there any step by step guide or cases for us to follow, for changing the ip address of vSZ when the APs are separated in different sites which are not available to reach by remote?



RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @gun 

We can use the below options to point the APs to new IP address.

Method 1: Using DHCP option 43.
Configure DHCP option 43 with the controller IP address, so that the DHCP will provide the controller IP address as well when providing the IP address to the APs.
This was AP will connect to the controller IP address which received from the option 43.
You might need to reboot the APs in order to trigger new DORA process to obtain the new controller IP address.

Method 2: Using "Switch Over Cluster".
On the Controller GUI under Access Points >> Select the APs >> Click on Switch over cluster >> Mention the new controller IP address.
Once the config is pushed to the APs >> Then go ahead and change the controller IP address.
APs will keep looking for the new controller IP.
Once the controller is updated with new IP address, APs will connect back.

New Contributor

Hi Tech,

May we know if the DHCP option 43 need to be configured only on DHCP server on AP side? As on most of the site, the DHCP server are not managed by us. So would this method be unable to use in this case?

For method 2, is that after mentioning the new controller ip address, the config will immediately push to AP on customer site and reboot immediately? We are concerning that if they cannot find the controller IP address, it would reboot again and find back the original IP address of vSZ. Then we could not be able to find the APs anymore. And how can we confirmed that the configs are pushed to APs? As the Controller are not able to reach the APs once this change has been made.


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @gun 

I believe method 2 works for you. Check the below steps:

1. Revert the IP address changes on the controller so that all the APs are connected back to controller.
2. Now select one AP and then click on More >> Switch Over cluster >> And then mention the new IP. Also, on the Zone settings, ensure that the option "Reboot if the controller is not reachable" under advanced settings to "0". This will not reboot the AP if the controller is not reachable.
3. Now the AP should go offline in few minutes. 
4. To confirm the same on the AP side, you can login to the AP CLI via SSH and then use the command "get scg" to see the new controller IP address.
5. Once confirmed that the AP has taken the new controller IP address, you can do the same for rest of the APs.
6. Once the config is pushed to all the APs, then you can change the controller IP. So that APs can connect back to new IP address.