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Smartzone's tunneled SSIDs won't get DHCP

New Contributor III
I have an SZ100 running 3.5 with local APs in an office and an AP zone at a remote location with the same SSIDs except they are tunneled back to the SZ100. The remote AP is broadcasting the SSIDs, however no clients can get DHCP on the tunneled SSIDs. Am I missing something? Do I need to enable an IP helper somewhere for them? The firewall ports are correctly opened as far as all documentation says and the AP is connecting to the SZ properly. I tested it at a customer's site and they're having the same issue. Both my SZ and my client's are a 2 port configuration.

Esteemed Contributor II
If you are tunneling the site's SSIDs back to the SZ100, you need the VLAN associated with the SSIDs to be trunked to/available on the SZ100.