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Smartzone & Probe request without SPoT

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Hi all, 

I am wondering is it possible for smartzone or the AP's themselves to forward all the probe requests they receive to anywhere other than SPoT? The SPoT licenses are prohibitively expensive and we would like the raw data (MAC, RSSI, Time)




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You can actually stream the location data to another system other than SPoT directly from SZ.

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@darrel_rhodes does the option sunny has mentioned above not work? 

I do not have a Ruckus partner and was hoping to get to the answer quickly (tonight preferably) as it's part of a tender response.

You can do it for sure. For my understanding, SZ just sends the stream of location data to specified IP address.

Similar to SPoT solutions are all expensive. They also are not that useful in practice, as you could think -- as precision is not very high. These are 2 main reasons why almost nobody uses them for industry, but just for marketing (as marketing doesn't require really precise data), if at all.

There are better solutions if you need precise client positioning for the industry.  All practically used RTLS systems use some additional ways to enhance the precision of localization (beacons, infrared, additional calibration, etc).

Benefits of reusing WiFi infrastructure are unfortunately compensated by the high cost and low precision of WiFi RTLS systems.

There have been lately developed other systems,  which use short-range beckons + client communicating over some network (as WiFi) for positioning, or beckons moving in a network of receiving sensors (depending if there are a few  trackable device or many of them).