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Smartzone Migration


Hi Guys/Gals,

Hope you are all doing well during these times.

I'm looking to migrate a High Scale vSZ from one datacenter to another.

Current vSZ is setup on public IP (behind a NAT). It manages WAPs and switches. Version

We are looking to do the same thing in the second datacenter with a new public IP.

I have been able to set up the vSZ. At this point I'm looking for an advice or best practice on how to make this transition smooth. Here is my option that I can think of:


- Load a backup of the current vSZ to the new one.

- Move all of the equipment (change the SCG IP address) using AP scripts and switch batch cli facility.


- Change the SCG IP to a FQDN for WAPs and switches (not sure if it is possible).

- Load a backup of the current vSZ to the new one

- Change the IP in the DNS


- Setup a new vSZ and add it to the cluster

- Let all the equipment get the new SCG IP 

- Shutdown the current vSZ

- Remove the old (current) smartzone from the cluster

Please let me know which one of the above would be the preferred method. Also, if you know of a better way to do it - please let me know.

Happy thanksgiving!




RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Alex,

Good day to you too.

If existing vSZ and new vSZ are using different IP and new vSZ can be reach from the APs then I can say option #1 is the best option.  

My suggestion is to transfer APs per zones or batches so it can easily monitor if all was transfered successfully and with this option you will still have rollback plan to use the existing vSZ just in case something unexpected will happen (most case none)

Lloyd Chua

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New Contributor II

Best regards, Option 1 seems fine to me, although I don't know exactly what it is going to send in the scripts, I have done it that way and I have migrated the APs using the "Switch Over Cluster" option. Cheers

Thanks Mario

New Contributor III

Hi Alex, I'd like to add that, if possible test the procedure on lab first just to be sure that nothing is missing. 

You could run another vSZ with demo license with a 3rd IP address and test the script to move one AP from the demo vSZ to the vSZ of the new data center.

Best regards.

Thanks Javier, we did test in production with backups available. This customer had no lab to test the process.

Valued Contributor II


It depends mainly on how many APs you have. If just a few, you can get new installation and change each AP setting manually.

If you have a lot, in different location, it is probably not a good option.

I would do it this way:

1. Plan new location to use same internal IP addresses for vSZ nodes as existing  site. It is not mandatory, but will simplify things much.

2. Copy vSZ both node VMs to new Datacenter, and change they external IPs (NAT IPs) to what is needed. Instead you can make new installation and restore cluster backup -- which will get you the same VMs, but will  require some configuration and will take probably longer. Shutdown new vSZ   for a moment.

3. Change external IP (NAT IP) of one existing node to what it will be on new site. On that stage you lose redundancy, as this second node become unusable to serve APs,  but it is not an issue. Anyway, all APs get list including this new IP than.

4. When all AP configuration is refreshed, start new vSZ. When it is up and all services are running, shutdown old vSZ.

3. Check that you have all APs up and connected. If some AP still doesn't connect, you can bring up again for a few minutes old vSZ, to get it updated to new configuration, or change vSZ IP manually.

Hope it helps.