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SmartZone custom ICX switch events

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Trying to take advantage of custom ICX switch events from SZ 6.0.

I have setup a few TextPattern custom events and enabled the EMAIL event management for the different severities. 

Emails have been tested coming from SmartZone and it works.

I am wondering how SZ can receive these TextPatterns and recognize them so that an email alert can be sent out. 

Example: if I manually disable POE on a port, on ICX, I see the following:

Nov 24 14:03:42:I:System: PoE: Power disabled on port 1/1/4 because of admin off.

So I create a TextPattern to look at PoE: Power disabled on port

I don't get anything...

Do I need to set SZ as a logging host on ICX? 

SIDE NOTE: I have realized now that when I create a TextPattern and it contains uppercase letters, after you save it, it brings everything lowercase. This may be my issue because it does not match the text exactly. 

EDIT: even if i type in lowercase text that matches the log output of ICX, I don't get an event generated....therefore no email notification


New Contributor III


Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi @Papa_WiFI ,

May I know if you see an event in SZ event log but not getting email notification for the same?

As per my understanding, email for switch custom events is not supported. Only way to enable email event is from Event Management tab and it is limited to predefined events, not custom events.

Syamantak Omer | Sr.Staff TSE | CWNA | CCNA | RASZA | RICXI