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Simplest SZ-100 Redundancy option

New Contributor

So after my latest hardware warranty claim from Ruckus I'm getting a bit nervous about my controller.

I've reviewed the "Ruckus SmartZone Cluster Redundancy Deployment Guide" and was curious what everyone else was doing?

An offsite VM with vSZ seems like the safest bet.  From what I understand I would just need the vSZ license and support for that instance so that's pretty simple.

Since I have multiple physical locations I could do a self hosted vSZ or another SZ-100 too I suppose.





I have a single VSZ and use the redundancy of VMware to make sure my smartzone is always available. 

I'm assuming by VMWare you mean VMWare Cloud Services?  

If I had to do this over I would probably go this route, or host the vSV on our own VMWare ESXi machine.  With out backup setup that would allow for pretty quick recovery.

That being said my boss insisted on a third party install that hasn't really been turnkey.

Valued Contributor

Hi Matthew,

Please let us know first what your current setup is?

Is it a single SZ100? and what version are you running?

Cluster redundancy is suggested only if you have multiple clusters and want a backup cluster for them.

If you have one node, just add another node and in which you will have a two node cluster that will give you redundancy.

Be aware you cannot mix the vSZ and SZ in the same cluster or as cluster redundancy.



Hi Martin,

I have a single SZ100.  I'm looking for hardware redundancy, not cluster redundancy.

It seems to take Ruckus quite some time to RMA hardware, I don't want to be caught without a controller.