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Simple external login page for vSZ

New Contributor II
Hi guys!

I know there is a document named "Hotspot WISPr Reference Guide for SmartZone" and there is a complete description about how to use a RESTful-Jason like system to obtain information about users, logins, etc., But it's very dificult to deploy it.

I only need to use a very simple form in a external web server to get the username and password, and send them to the UAM device; as the same way like works the hotspot on Stand alone APs or Zone directors.

Is there a simple way to deploy that very simple form in the web server to use it with Virtual Smart Zone vSZ version 3 and SCG200?

Thanks a lot

New Contributor III
Hi All,

I also have same above requirement, Can you someone please advice  on this ?

Thanks lot

New Contributor II
Hi Andres and Nuwan,

Good day!

I see that you are trying to configure a hotspot service with a simple form of external web url without using NBI. With NBI portal configuration, every json post is accompanied by NBI password which you configure in the vSZ>>Northbound interface.

The reason for this security is to ensure that only authorized external web portals reaches the NBI interface.

But you can also perform a simple html page as below on an external windows server or any web server which doesn't require json communication.

Welcome to the public Wi-Fi network



images/RuckusLogo.jpg" width=300 align="center">

Welcome to the public Wi-Fi network

You must login before wireless access is granted.

Terms and Conditions

With great power comes great responsibility.

Do no harm.

Love one another.

Eat more fruit and vegetables.

Clicking the "I Agree" button indicates you agree to the terms and conditions of wireless usage.




PS: This is a sample script used. Please edit as per your requirement.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if that worked or not.


New Contributor III
Hi Ahamed,

Thanks lot for your reply and these information's are very useful.

But I need your kind support to clarify some thing further,

I have R500 AP's which integrated to VSZ.

Currently i am understand that, once AP managed by ZD/VSZ , we need to manage all client authentication and management from ZD/VSZ. (please correct me if i am wrong)

 Is there any possible way me to allow internet access to client by calling API or web request to the AP (not toward VSZ)?